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Dayspring Bible Institute

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Following God’s Way

My will be done? Or, “Thy will be done.” Every day you have the freedom to set your own course. Follow God’s clear direction. Or go your own way. It’s one of the most important choices you will ever make. But the road is straight and the burden is light when you follow the divine road signs. The Ten Commandments are a heaven-sent source of liberation. For millennia, God’s people have known that these laws bring freedom and sanity to a crazed world. Entire societies have used these truths as the bedrock of their moral and legal systems. Have you revisited these commandments lately? In Ten Commandments, Bill Hybels guides you back to these ancient laws and helps you hold them tightly so that you can live with peace in the Lord

Class Format: Lecture, discussion, and class activities
Required Books: The Ten Commandments, Laws that Liberate, By: Bill Hybels & The Harney’s, $8.00 and the Bible

A Heart for God

Class Description: Dynamic encounters with God’s Word, community-building opportunities, and life-changing applications are built into every session of the New Community small group Bible study guides. Challenging questions to answer during the week encourage you to reflect on Scripture and its impact on your life, both as an individual and as part of a community of Christ followers. The group time will then focus on applying the lessons to knowing, loving, serving and celebrating each other. Growing a Heart for God investigates the life of David to learn how to develop a heart that will bring joy to the heart of God. Study 1 and 2 Samuel in 6 Sessions.

Class Format: Lecture, discussion, and class activities
Required Books: 1 & 2 Samuel: Growing a Heart for God, by John Ortberg & the Harney’s, $8.00, and the Bible

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